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Shark Rotator, Rocket, Lift-Away Detailing Attachment Kit -XCDV300 - Certified Remanufactured - Open Box

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This kit is excellent when you do not want to suck up duck using the bigger attachment accessories. The kit works with almost all Shark vacuum cleaners which use standard 1-1/4" compression/friction fitting attachment tools. This unique kit gives you a complete set of mini vacuum tool to clean virtually any piece of any equipment. Clean those hard-to-reach places with this easy to carry and stow micro dusting kit. Works very nicely with tiny spaces like Car, Work Desk, delicate appliances, TV vents, computer keyboards, computer PC, laptops, PCB, around processors ( please exercise caution regarding electric and static charge), office machines, DVD, VCR, CD or Blu ray Players, glass vases, chandeliers, ceiling lights, sewing machine, coffee machines, dollhouses, figurines and much more. Adjust the pressure a little bit and you can also use it for delicate collectibles, musical instruments, etc.

Works with:
Shark® Rocket® (HV300)
Shark® Rocket® (HV300W)
Shark® Rocket® Deluxe (HV310)
Shark® Rocket® DeluxePro Hand Vac (HV319Q)
Shark® Rocket® DeluxePro Upright (HV320)
Shark® Rocket® DeluxePro Upright (HV320W)
Shark® Rocket® DeluxePro (HV321)
Shark® Rocket® TruePet™ (HV322)
Shark® Rocket® DeluxePro Upright (HV324Q)
Shark® Navigator® Lift-Away® Vacuum (NV352)
and more.

This kit is Shark Home & Car Detail Kit #: XCDV300 and includes:
Curved extension pipe
Connector fitting
Straight extension pipe
Oval Brush
Round Brush
Crevice Tool
35" Flexible hose
35mm to 1.25" Adaptor to make it work with regular sized brands.

If you think about any more uses, please add them in the review section below for the benefit of our wonderful customers.