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NewAir Portable Countertop Ice Maker - AI-250W - Remanufactured

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      50 lb. Daily - First Batch In Under 10 Minutes - Countertop Modern Design - Bullet Shaped Ice Black & White 
  • NEVER RUN OUT OF ICE AGAIN - This countertop ice maker fits neatly on your kitchen counter and makes 50 pounds of ice each day to keep you stocked for all your needs. That’s almost the same as purchasing 3 10lb bags of store-bought ice in 1 day.
  • SIMPLE ONE BUTTON OPERATION - There's no learning curve here. Simply press “ON” for ice. Don’t waste time checking the machine for a new batch. Indicator lights will let you know when ice is ready, or when water needs to be added to the tank.
  • EXTRA THICK INSULATION - Keep your ice colder for longer thanks to the ultra-insulated storage area inside this ice maker. Forgot about the last cubes. Water from melted ice drains back into the machine and is recycled in the next round of ice making.
  • BPA CERTIFIED PARTS - Safe drinking water is important to everyone and that includes the ice you add to your glass. This ice maker is made entirely of BPA-free plastic, so you don't have to worry about any harmful chemicals in your ice.
  • THE CLEAR CHOICE - Clear ice makes a big difference in the quality of your drinks. It melts more slowly so you don't water down high-quality scotch or tequila. Clear ice cubes that also generates less fizz, so you never end up with a half-filled glass.