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Neatfreak Compact Drying Rack

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The neatfreak Compact Drying Rack creates extra drying space when you need it. This freestanding drying rack is a great energy saver. One of the best ways to save dollars on your energy bill is to air dry your clothes. This sturdy drying rack can be used indoors or outdoors. Take advantage of good weather to dry your clothes outside or on your balcony. Another space saving tip is to set it up in your bathtub so that your clothes can drip dry safely. (Don?t forget to take it out of the bathtub when you have your shower!) It folds away quickly and easily when the laundry is done. Drying clothes isn?t complicated. So setting up a drying rack shouldn?t be complicated either. This is one of our best selling items. It?s simple, well designed, functional and gets the job done. Too bad everything in life wasn?t this easy! Don?t hesitate to leave a customer review to add to the 5 star rating for this item! Assembled Dimensions: 22.5" x 14.5" x 41.20"