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WWLVM-BL Echo Falls Large Portrait Mirror with Black Onyx Trim, LED Lighting System and a Hand Held Remote in Silver

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Bluworld WWLVM-BL Overview

Dimensions: 57.5"H x 25.5" W x 6.5"D.

The Echo Falls Large Silver Mirror with Black trim is the newest in our series from our chromotherpy line. Features black onyx powered coated side panels, header and reservoir. Color is widely know to effect our moods, emotions and possibility our health. Our reflective mirror wall fountains have the same color changing LED lighting system has our Garden Fall floor fountains. Sit back and relax as a wave after wave of color transformed your room into a light show. Pure relaxation. With a hand held remote you can select from several solid color options or choose one of several pre programmed color changing light displays. Available at Appliances Connection.


Chromotherapy Lighting Also known as Color Therapy Lighting - the colors of the light can be changed to produce healing effects on the body. The color lights help balance energy to help physical, mental or emotional problems.

Additional Features:

  • LED lighting with remote control
  • Includes polished river rocks
  • Adjustable flow valve
  • Submersible pump
  • Indoor use only