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Bell'O 60" TV Stand for TVs up to 65", Espresso

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Bell'O AVSC2155 60 inch TV Stand for TVs up to 65 inch, Espresso

The idea of hanging a TV on the wall can be worrisome. Additionally, it is hard to look at a wall mounted TV and not wonder what may happen if the mounting bracket or wall stud would give out.

No one wants to see their TV lying shattered on the ground. A TV stand protects your TV from pets and children and reduces the risk of damage.

The best TV stand solution should be at least the length of the television, which will be a few inches greater than the length of the TV screen. This will give you assurances that you are unlikely to knock your TV off the stand and makes it easier to adjust the cables on the back of your TV.

Why choose a Bell'O TV stand?

TV Capacity

The Bell’O AVSC2155 TV stand is sized right to enable a comfortable viewing experience while keeping your TV stable.

This TV stand is spacing saving and is designed to securely hold TVs up to 65 inches with a maximum weight-bearing load of 125 Pounds.

The Bell’O AVSC2155 TV stand modern design matches the high-tech look of your flat panel TV. It is an ideal addition to a living room, game room or den and will blend into your home’s décor while safely securing your television.


Heat is one of the quickest ways you can damage your electronic devices.

If you want to ensure your audio and video components enjoy a long life, you should operate them at a cool temperature to achieve both optimum performance and optimum life.

Without enough air flow, excessive heat could result in overheating your components to the point of damaging the system, reducing efficiency and risking a fire.

The Bell’O AVSC2155 TV stand’s modern design and open design allows for superior air flow around your equipment. The hot air will escapes before the temperature around your components rises, this helps to ensure you get the most power, efficiency and life-span from your electronic.

Cable Management System

There's nothing more frustrating than getting your audio video components arranged just right, only to notice a mess of cords in plain sight.

All Bell’O TV stands and audio video cabinets come with an integrated CMS Cable Management System to securely hide and route unsightly wires and cables.