9 Ways to Decorate with Rattan for Gorgeous Natural Texture in Every Room

9 Ways to Decorate with Rattan for Gorgeous Natural Texture in Every Room

By Jessica Bennett

No longer just for patio furniture, rattan is taking over as a trendy material for interior home accents. Here's how to outfit your space with rattan furniture, lighting, and accessories.

Derived from a climbing vine-like palm plant, rattan is a natural material used to make furniture, baskets, and other home accents. This durable yet flexible product can be bent or woven into a wide variety of shapes and patterns. Although commonly used on patio furniture due to its weather resistance, rattan isn't limited to outdoor rooms. Whether on furniture, lighting, or tabletop accessories, the tropical material can bring lush texture to any room. Rattan suits all sorts of styles, including coastal, boho, and traditional decor, and can be easily painted for a contemporary look. Check out these ideas for decorating with rattan to showcase its natural beauty in every room of your home.

1. Refresh living spaces with rattan furniture.

Rattan can be woven into nearly any type of furniture, including sofas, chairs, accent tables, folding screens, and more. Lightweight and widely available, rattan is generally less expensive than other furniture materials, making it ideal for a budget-friendly room refresh. Rattan has a casual, inviting feel that's perfect for living spaces where comfort is key. To up the coziness, accessorize rattan furniture with throw pillows or lay a plush area rug underfoot.

2. Bring a natural element to bedrooms.

Rattan chairs and benches feature unique texture and natural tones that pair well with nearly any bedroom color scheme. Style an empty corner with a striking woven peacock chair, or place a rattan bench at the end of your bed for a finishing touch. And if you decide to rearrange, the light material makes rattan furniture easy to move.

3. Pair rattan with different styles.

This nature-derived material is a staple in shabby-chic or boho-style spaces, but rattan furniture works with a vast range of design styles. Bringing warmth and a more casual feel, it can keep modern interiors from veering too cool or lend a more easygoing air to traditional rooms. To reinforce rattan's natural beauty, pair it with plenty of plants, floral or botanical prints, and other natural materials, such as jute or wood. For a more eclectic look, contrast rattan's laidback feel with sleek mid-century furniture and metallic accents.

4. Brighten a room with rattan light fixtures.

Switch out basic light fixtures with rattan versions for an eye-catching focal point. Look for large rattan pendants in sculptural shapes, or choose a fixture with an open weave pattern to spread light around the whole room. For an easy DIY pendant, cut a hole in the bottom of an old woven basket or bowl and use it as a drum shade. Purchase a swag light kit ($16, The Home Depot) for simple installation, or use wireless puck lights to skip the wiring.

5. Boost style with caned rattan furniture.

Rattan's outer bark is the primary material used for cane furniture, which features a multidirectional open-weave pattern. Most commonly used on chair backs, the caning technique has ancient roots, but it's still widely popular today and gives furniture a light, airy appearance. Look for caned rattan details on accent chairs, headboards, and storage pieces to give your space a boost of timeless style.

6. Add storage with rattan baskets.

Use rattan baskets to create storage space wherever you need it. Woven rattan baskets come in all shapes and sizes, so you can tuck them into virtually any space. Large versions are ideal for keeping extra throw blankets and other linens easily accessible, while smaller rattan baskets can be tucked under accent tables or inside cabinets for out-of-the-way storage.

7. Paint or stain rattan for a modern twist.

Just like wood, rattan can be stained or painted in nearly any shade. A fresh coat of color can instantly modernize rattan furniture, giving inexpensive items or secondhand finds a new look. Spray-paint rattan furnishings with a bold, splashy color, or opt for classic white for a traditional look. These round, white rattan stools, for example, play up the room's open feel and contrast a sleek contemporary dining table.

8. Energize neutral spaces.

Decorating with rattan can boost visual interest in neutral spaces without adding color. The woven material offers textural contrast that makes furniture stand out in rooms dominated by whites, woods, and other neutral tones. For even more impact, look for rattan furniture with unique silhouettes, such as these shapely rattan dining chairs. The elegant curved design helps elevate the look, making the chairs worthy of indoor use.

9. Use rattan in kids' rooms.

Both lightweight and easy-to-clean, rattan is an ideal material for kids' spaces. Use it as a durable addition to playrooms, children's bedrooms, and other family-friendly areas. A hanging rattan chair, for example, can create a kid-sized reading nook virtually anywhere. Add a cozy throw blanket and a few patterned pillows for extra comfort.

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